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Witty Eyewear Advertisements


The number of eyewear brands is enormous. That is why when shooting their campaigns the brands’ art-managers, photographers and copywriters do their best. As a rule, well-established brands put an emphasis on the aesthetics. They organize a photo shoot with the participation of the most successful models, choose an atmospheric setting and invite the most professional photographers.

Some new eyewear brands may hire a celebrity to promote their brand – they expect the fans of the celebrity to turn into their loyal customers. In many cases that strategy may also prove effective.

But in case the brand wants to really stand out – the surest way would be to work out a witty advertisement. That may be a video or an advertising photo or picture that is so amusing and witty, that people gladly share it in social networks. And in some cases the witty ad may get some awards for its quality.

There exist a lot of witty ads in the sphere of eyewear and eyecare products. Today we are going to get acquainted with some of them.


Let’s start with Carrera Irresistible campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to show how irresistible a person can get when putting on Carrera sunglasses – apparently, neither a bride nor a young widow can’t resist Carrera sunglasses wearer. It also shows how more spectacular the world is when contemplated through Carrera lenses.

The next campaign under consideration is the series of pictures created for Oogmen Opticians in Belgium. The slogan of the campaign reads: “Get the respect you deserve”. The prints show how the eyeglasses may reveal the individuality of a person and change the impression he or she makes on others. The prints are so simple and catchy that it takes seconds to get the idea behind the campaign.



And for dessert, let’s check out the advertisement for Baush&Lomb contact lenses. According to them, the contact lenses symbolize the death of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses case is depicted as a coffin and the “dead” eyeglasses are neatly tucked in with a cleaning cloth.


Hopefully, eyewear manufacturers will keep coming up with new great ideas to advertise their products to improve not only our eyesight – but our mood as well. is supported by

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Fighting Contact Lens Discomfort


Contact lenses are a real blessing – you can see everything clearly and have the opportunity to enjoy wearing all kinds of branded sunglasses branded sunglasses instead of squinting from the sunlight while wearing prescription glasses in summer.

But some people suffer from contact lens discomfort. There are in fact so many factors that may cause unpleasant feelings when wearing sunglasses that it’s hard to get confused. So let’s consider the major symptoms and find out what exactly may be wrong with your lenses.

  • End of day discomfort

If wearing lenses bothers you only at the end of the day – this may be cause by the dehydration of the lenses. In this case it’s recommended to opt for the silicone hydrogel contacts and the lenses with lower water content – these tend to dehydrate slower.

  • Burning sensation

You have just put the lens into the eye – and all of a sudden your eyes burn. It might be that your eyelash got between the eye and the lens. What is more, some substances may cause burning sensation. So make sure to put on make-up after having put the lenses on. Wash your hands with perfume-free soap and dry your hand onto the lint-free cloth.

  • Something-in-my-eye kind of feeling

When you experience these without wearing lenses – consult your eye doctor. This may be the symptom of conjunctivitis or other unpleasant eye diseases. But if you feel it once you’ve put your eyes on and you always aware that you are wearing contacts – something is wrong with the size of the lens. Maybe the diameter or the base curve is not right for you.

  • Dry eye feeling

If you have noticed that your eyes feel dry when you wear contact lenses, it might be a good idea to start using eye drops. Still remember that not all eye drops and lenses are compatible, so you should consult your eye doctor before making the purchase. He or she may also recommend you special contact lenses for dry eyes.

  • Red eyes

Red eyes are often (but not always) the sign of the allergy. The allergy may be caused by either external factors like pollen and dust or by your eyecare products – try changing your lens solution. This kind of contact lens discomfort may occur if some bacteria in your eye – remember to take proper care of your lenses to prevent the formation of protein deposits. Note that red eyes especially when they are also swollen may be an indicator of some severe problems with the eyes – see your eye doctor to prevent further problems. is supported by

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Embroidered Sunglasses


There are a lot of posts that will teach you how to glue and what to glue to your last year’s shades in order to make them super-trendy. These tips are now wildly popular because embellished sunglasses are the hit of the current season.

We hardly get surprised at the glasses embellished with pearls, miniature flowers or studs. But the sunglasses with embroidery on them – that’s something completely new.


The idea came from distant Russia where the designer Ulyana Sergeenko draw the inspiration for her haute couture spring / summer 2013 collection from Russian folklore. The designer tried to deliver this spirit in every detail including eyewear. Can you imagine that the cat-eye sunglasses and eyeglasses were in fact decorated with embroidery? In addition to the eyewear Ulyana Sergeenko presented embroidered clutches with the motives borrowed from Russian nursery rhymes. And while it seems really feasible to add embroidery to a bag – embroidering eyewear doesn’t seem to be an easy task.

However Erica from Honestly..WTF blog recreated the idea of Ulyana Sergeenko using threads, old sunglasses and a very sharp needle. She also posted detailed guidelines so that any of her readers can create their own embroidered shades.


The idea is pretty simple – you just need to make little holes in the lenses and then hand-stich them creating the pattern you like.

This technique is useful if you want to add some contour to your rimless eyewear. In fact embroidery looks great on either rimless eyewear or on the glasses with a thin metal frame. A thick acetate frame is a decoration of its own. So adding embroidery to acetate-framed specs is not a very good idea – there will be too many accents on your eyewear.

And the good thing is that once you’re tired of the color palette of your sunglasses embroidery – you just buy the new threads and make it all over again with different colors. You can also add a few more holes to modify the pattern itself. Just make sure that the pattern doesn’t block your vision – just a few cross-stitches are enough to create a wow-effect. is supported by

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Amanda Bynes Sunglasses Style


If you like to kick back with some teenage film at the end of the day, you sure know the actress Amanda Bynes. She has been a teen idol for many years and her style has often been copied. Today we are going to check out Amanda Bynes sunglasses.

Apart from acting Amanda enjoys clothes designing. She actually moved to New York to pursue her fashion career. No wonder she has taste in clothes and knows how to accessorize properly.

Many girls have a face shape like hers. Round face with distinct cheeks – that’s a tricky face shape when it comes to accessorizing it with sunglasses – but not if you know some basic rules. First of all, rounded shades are not recommended – they will just accentuate your cheeks. But the good news is that elegant aviators look really great on such faces. And an even more flattering design would be shield aviators.

Amanda Bynes knows the fashion rules and always opts for the right sunglasses designs. Like on the photo below she is wearing Gucci 1827 double-bridge aviators. She also owns similarly designed aviators sunglasses by Marc Jacobs.


Amanda Bynes also likes dark sunglasses with oversized lenses – like these Chloe shades on the below photo that look great with curly hairstyle.


Despite the fact that she normally opts for the same design, the brands she chooses are always different. Amanda Bynes has the sunglasses by Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Carrera – the list is really long. Apparently the star of teenage films doesn’t limit herself to just one eyewear brand.

And although Amanda Bynes now has a lot of problems with the law – we believe that in the end she will get over them. Tastefully dressed and accessorized people always manage to struggle everyday troubles better than those not caring about fashion. And most of Amanda Bynes sunglasses are easy to find in online stores selling branded eyewear. is supported by

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Flower Sunglasses And Flower Eyeglasses


Remember how when discussing hippie style we mentioned wearing flower-shaped sunglasses as the means to showcase the hippie side of you? Well, what else can deliver the spirit of freedom better than flowers? Today we are going to learn more about flower-shaped shades.

In fact when trying to recreate hippie style now, fashion mongers would much rather use oversized rounded shades. Modern-day flower-shaped sunglasses are designed mostly to wear at parties – and they cost like 5 dollars or even less. Still you may try to find some vintage flower sunglasses, like the item on the above picture – this is the kind of intricate eyewear piece which by no means looks childish.


Now that we are at it, it’s worth mentioning that flower sunglasses are wildly popular among little children. Note – very little children. As soon as the child feels the desire to become a grown-up they would much rather prefer something from Junior Ray Ban line.


If flower-shaped sunglasses seem to be overkill for you, but you do like the idea of floral detailing, try eyewear designs with flowers painted on them or attached to them. It’s hard to think of an example better when floral eyeglasses from Prada spring / summer collection.


And in case you want little flowers to be attached to your eyewear frame – you are free to create your own flower sunglasses design using a plain frame and lots of tiny roses that you can probably stock up on in DIY shop. As a result you will probably get something ultra-trendy. And there is a chance that it will only look acceptable unless flowers are in trend. If you want more sophistication you can again turn to vintage stores. Check out these elegant specs with tiny roses on the picture above – looks immaculate. is supported by

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Taylor Swift Sunglasses Style


Taylor Swift has millions of fans all over the world because of her outstanding country music career. And besides she has a really immaculate taste when it comes to choosing clothes and accessories. It’s really interesting to follow the new pictures of her attending different events – her outfits are always thoroughly thought through. Let’s see what sunglasses Taylor Swift normally chooses.


As a matter of fact, Taylor Swift’s favorite eyewear brand is Ray-Ban. She must have a really enormous collection of Ray-Ban wayfarers. She has them in black, red and probably some more colors, including this year’s Ray Ban design with a patterned frame. Ray Ban wayfarers are the kind of eyewear design that perfectly matches her bangs.

When she feels like changing her style a little, Taylor often curls her hair and wears her bangs on the side. This kind of hairstyle asks for more sophisticated eyewear – something oversized, something more feminie. Taylor Swift opts for Ralph Lauren or Prada sunglasses.


Taylor Swift is not the kind of fashionista who tries on all the latest trends – she has just chosen a few eyewear brands that she really likes and opts for classy designs. However in her music videos Taylor Swift enjoys eyewear experiments. Remember Taylor Swift’s red heart sunglasses from “22″ video – that’s quite an example. To say nothing of the oversized specs she flaunted in her legendary “You belong with me” video – despite the fact that they were meant to add some geekiness to Taylor Swift’s look, one must admit that the eyeglasses looked really great on her. is supported by

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What Is Photophobia?


The eyes of people suffering from photophobia are abnormally sensitive to light. And an interesting thing is that the pain may be caused by a whole range of factors. Let’s look into them.

Often photophobia is caused by eye damage. Corneal abrasion, for instance, may cause severe pain when the eye is exposed to too much light

In many cases photophobia is caused by dry eyes. The thing is that if the cornea isn’t properly lubricated, the fibers get more sensitive to the light. By the way dry-eye feeling is often caused by excessive wearing of contact lenses. In this kind of situation lubricating eye drops are your best friends.

It may seem weird but some drugs contain substances that may increase the sensitivity of your eyes. If you feel that excessive light started to hurt your eyes all of a sudden – maybe it’s because of the drugs you have been taking.

Abnormally sensitive eyes may be a symptom of migraines. Exposure to light may affect the intensity of your headache. Your eyes hurt but the pain in fact goes from the brain – not the eyes.

Heliophobia is another cause. It isn’t connected with eye sensitivity but rather with the fear of light. Heliophobia is actually a psychological term to a certain extent. Nowadays the number of people suffering from heliophobia is constantly increasing. People are getting afraid of sun as they know that it may cause cancer. Using sunscreen, lying in the sun before midday and after 5 p.m. – this is reasonable. Staying at home during summer months is not. Think positive and you’ll never suffer from heliophobia.

The pain caused by the light is the reason to pay a visit to your optician. However there are some home remedies that may prove effective and one very important tip – wear good-quality sunglasses – even when you are indoors it’s a good idea to leave your sunglasses on not to shock your eyes. And interestingly enough in case of photophobia caused by migraines you may ease the pain by wearing sunglasses with pink-colored frames – hippie style may be beneficial for your health.

So the key recommendation is – take your time to define the real cause of your problem that will save you time and effort in your fight against photophobia. is supported by

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Bug-eye sunglasses and eyeglasses appeared in the 1970s to fill in for the cat-eye frames that were losing their popularity at that time. There isn’t a strictly defined formula for bug-eye eyewear. After all, there is such a variety of different insects to get inspiration from. The first bug-eye frames featured a square shape and the later designs were more rounded. However the ones that are slightly wraparound (in addition to being oversized and rounded) create the most authentic bug effect.

The mission of this eyewear frame was to help a person to stand out from the crowd and look unique. So when in the late 1980s they no longer looked catchy (that’s because many people wore them), they started to lose their appeal. Now they are mostly worn by those who like retro-style accessories.


This kind of eyewear looks most impressive on thin people – this way the sunglasses seem really gigantic and a person looks a little bit like a dragonfly. No wonder thin celebrities like Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham like to put them on from time to time.

Some people believe that celebrities were the ones who started the trend. As the oversized frames cover the most of the face, they helped celebrities to not to catch attention of paparazzi. Because even if they do – the photos won’t deliver much visual information – the largest part of a celebrity’s face is covered with eyewear, and the only thing left to discuss are the sunglasses themselves.


The eyewear brands then decided to cater to the need of the celebrities and designed an array of bug-eye frames. They turned out to be wildly popular among non-celebrities as well. And despite there being a lot of people who think that bug-eye sunglasses look weird, they seem to have an army of fans.

You probably have noticed how cat-eye frames are back this season. Who knows – maybe bug-eye sunglasses are next in line. We’ll see. is supported by

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Leonardo DiCaprio Sunglasses Style


Everyone got so impressed by Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Jay Gatsby that his popularity really boosted. He never actually stopped being famous because of all his great films. But after Great Gatsby premiere it’s hard to get him out of mind. We are not the exception and being an eyewear blog decided to look into Leonardo DiCaprio’s sunglasses style!

It turns out he really likes Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. According to some sources he was once even spotted leaving the optical store with five pairs of sunglasses by this brand. He likes classy aviators like Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 107/s sunglasses.


Leonardo DiCaprio has a heart face shape which means that he should wear rounded shades. That’s why he often opts for rounded sunglasses. Like on the photo above you see him wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators (MMJ 136/S design looks very much like the one on the photo).

He also wears rounded aviators by Carrera. He was recently spotted riding a bike with Carrera Champion sunglasses on.


By the way squared sunglasses may also look flattering on heart-shaped faces. Narrow square sunglasses made Leonardo DiCaprio look really handsome in Blood Diamond. Maybe he should wear more of these in everyday life.


More often than not he pairs the sunglasses with a sporty cap. Maybe he uses headwear to stay unnoticed by the paparazzi. But straw hats, ivy caps and baseball caps have really become an integral part of Leonardo DiCaprio style.


By the way, the 1920s sunglasses spotted by Leonardo DiCaprio in Great Gatsby film look really great on him. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio should change his sunglasses preferences and opt for more vintage designs. is supported by

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Hippie Sunglasses Style


Hippie culture is sort of a philosophy that appeared in the middle of the 1960s. This movement was all about promoting world peace and personal freedom. Hippie lifestyle doesn’t lose its appeal even now. Hitchhiking, vegetarianism, folk festivals – it all has its roots in the sixties. And hippie style in clothing is likely to be in fashion forever.

Hippie style is distinguished by handmade clothing, long skirts, fringe on everything and round sunglasses. John Lennon’s signature sunglasses fitted the concept of Hippie eyewear perfectly.

This kind of sunglasses looked greatly when paired with headbands and long loose hairstyles. Take this into consideration.

If you want to try on a hippie style, turn to the 1960s or 1970s films for inspiration and style guidelines. Of course, films about hippie were shot after that period as well, but the ones from the sixties clearly demonstrate the most authentic fashion.

One more peculiarity of hippie style sunglasses is colored lenses. Green and pink tints are just perfect. Heart of flower-shaped sunglasses were also a big hit when hippies came along. Everything about hippie style should promote lightness and breeziness.

When wearing hippie style in everyday life – don’t overdo it. If you get dressed in everything hippie-like from top to toe – you’ll just look old-fashioned. Try to pick out only a few hippie accessories and let them inspire the rest of the outfit. But if you are going to rock some themed party – you can go really wild and follow each piece of advice given here. is supported by

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