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Classic Sunglass Frame Shapes

There are many popular sunglass shapes out there. Each season, as fashion changes, some frame shapes become more in trend than others. But, there are a couple of frame shapes that are classics. They have been around for a long time, are still popular, and will continue to be so for many years.

These often make the best investment sunglasses as you know that they will be in vogue for many years to come.

Below are three of the most popular classic sunglass frame shapes. 

The Cat’s Eye: This shape was first created in the 1950’s and was a staple fashion accessory for most women during that time. The essence of these sunglasses is the shape of the frame. Things like vibrant colours and interesting materials merely add to its uniqueness. Nowadays, these glasses are more popular with people who enjoy retro and vintage fashion as they are fairly quirky.

cat eye sunglasses retro


Check out these Cat Eye Sunglasses from Tom Ford

Big, Dark, Round sunglasses ‘The Jackie O’: These sunglasses are widely associated with the woman who made them fashionable, Jackie O. They are identifiable because they are very dark, they are large and they are round. Since the days of Jackie O these glasses have become famous with many other celebrities over the decades. These sunglasses are very elegant and sophisticated, but because they are very large and round they do not suit women with small or round faces.

round glasses

Check out these Round Glasses from Chloe

The above classic frame shapes are for women, and some very brave men. 

Aviators: These sunglasses are most commonly worn by men, but there are versions made for women. These are commonly worn by pilots. But they are also associated with outdoorsy men. These are made of a metal frames and often have reflective sunglasses.

Check out these Aviator Sunglasses from Prada Sport

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  1. What makes this look even more beautiful? Xx

  2. Wow I really love the cat eye style in the first picture. It has a nice vintage look.

  3. The aviators is for me love cool glasses got to protect the eyes

    glassesJuly 21, 2012 @ 9:01 pmReply
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