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    Embroidered Sunglasses


    There are a lot of posts that will teach you how to glue and what to glue to your last year’s shades in order to make them super-trendy. These tips are now wildly popular because embellished sunglasses are the hit of the current season.

    We hardly get surprised at the glasses embellished with pearls, miniature flowers or studs. But the sunglasses with embroidery on them – that’s something completely new.


    The idea came from distant Russia where the designer Ulyana Sergeenko draw the inspiration for her haute couture spring / summer 2013 collection from Russian folklore. The designer tried to deliver this spirit in every detail including eyewear. Can you imagine that the cat-eye sunglasses and eyeglasses were in fact decorated with embroidery? In addition to the eyewear Ulyana Sergeenko presented embroidered clutches with the motives borrowed from Russian nursery rhymes. And while it seems really feasible to add embroidery to a bag – embroidering eyewear doesn’t seem to be an easy task.

    However Erica from Honestly..WTF blog recreated the idea of Ulyana Sergeenko using threads, old sunglasses and a very sharp needle. She also posted detailed guidelines so that any of her readers can create their own embroidered shades.


    The idea is pretty simple – you just need to make little holes in the lenses and then hand-stich them creating the pattern you like.

    This technique is useful if you want to add some contour to your rimless eyewear. In fact embroidery looks great on either rimless eyewear or on the glasses with a thin metal frame. A thick acetate frame is a decoration of its own. So adding embroidery to acetate-framed specs is not a very good idea – there will be too many accents on your eyewear.

    And the good thing is that once you’re tired of the color palette of your sunglasses embroidery – you just buy the new threads and make it all over again with different colors. You can also add a few more holes to modify the pattern itself. Just make sure that the pattern doesn’t block your vision – just a few cross-stitches are enough to create a wow-effect. is supported by

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  1. kim_kardashian_oversized_sunglasses

    It goes without saying that the sunglasses you wear should match your face shape – it’s like eyewear maths – each face shape requires particular sunglass designs. But what many of us don’t consider when looking for sunglasses is whether it matches their hairstyle or not.

    Still with hairstyles it’s not that strict as with face shapes. Probably the hairstyles won’t ruin the way the shades look on you, but properly arranged hair may bring out the best of the sunglass design. And if you have splashed out on a pair of costly designer sunglasses you want everybody to see all their beauty and style. So here are a few tricks.

    In case you wear long bangs – opt for small sunglasses, this way it won’t take the attention off your trendy shades. But if you can’t live without oversized sunglasses, consider some new hairstyles with your hair pulled back. Nowadays there are so many hair sprays and different hairpins that it’s possible to invent many hairstyles that hide your long bangs.


    Another way to reveal the perfection of oversized sunglasses is to wearing headbands. This is a great trick for women with long hair. Just tie the thin scarf right above the highest point of your eyebrows and you are perfect.

    Cat-eye sunglasses also require some effort on your side if you want them to look gorgeous on you. The surest way to accentuate the unusual shape is to make a middle parting. This way the cat-eye style will be more distinct.


    There is also one tip that will help you to pull off wayfarers. Stylists recommend pairing them with polished hairstyles. Buns and pony tails are just what the doctor ordered. By the way, this is also a good way to wear any geometric shades, like the huge trend of this season – hexagonal sunglasses.


    So if you have second thoughts about the pair of sunglasses you have just bought, don’t rush to throw them away – give them a chance by changing your hairstyle. Different partings and hair accessories will change the way they look on you. And changes are always for the better. is supported by

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  2. What Make-up to Wear With Glasses?


    A few posts away we discussed wearing make-up with contact lenses. But many people prefer stylish eyeglasses to contacts and what kind of makeup mixes with eyeglasses?. Here are a few tips for them concerning the eye cosmetics and makeup tricks.

    Don’t consider your eyeglasses something that doesn’t allow you to wear proper make-up – use them as an inspiration for your make-up style. For instance, if you’ve opted for cat-eye frames – then draw a winged line to mimic the shape of the frame.


    Still it’s not a good idea to choose the color of your makeup in accordance with the frame color. Purple eyeglasses by no means require purple shadows. The golden rule reads that colorful frames should be worn with neutral make-up. If you are a fan of bright eye shadows – buy black-framed specs.

    There are a few don’ts when it comes to wearing make-up together with eyeglasses. For example, gray shades are not your best friends – the lenses create a shadow that makes them look darker and it looks as if your eyelids are black. One more make-up trick to stay away from is the line on the lower lash line – when magnified by eyeglasses it makes you look tired. And being tired is not in fashion.


    Another aspect to touch upon is the mascara you want to use. In case you are lucky to have long eyelashes you might be worried that they may leave spots on the lens. But mascara is something that makes your eyes look beautiful and mysterious behind the glasses so you shouldn’t give up using it. That is why it’s recommended to use water-proof mascara.

    But the most important thing is that your make-up should be immaculate. It might be a challenge to apply your make-up neatly when you are shortsighted and everything looks blurry once you put off your eyeglasses. Some suggest using magnifying glasses to do that properly. The idea is that you can flip down one of the lenses and put on the make-up on the eye behind it while the other eye sees everything perfectly well. If buying magnifying glasses seem too fancy for you – opt for a magnifying mirror – the effect is pretty much the same. is supported by

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  3. How to Choose Sunglasses ?


    When it comes to the purchase of sunglasses it happens very often that people tend to take in consideration such notions as brand name, beauty, and tendencies in fashion but forget that their real purpose is to protect eyes from UV rays. It is known that ultra violet radiation can be very dangerous. This is the main reason we choose sunglasses. That is why your new pair of shades is supposed to be made of materials of high quality. Colorful tinted lenses might be much more harmful to your eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all.

    • Studies

    Studies have shown that UV radiation can cause a cataract. Can lead to the development of eyelid skin cancer and photokeratitis – a painful eye condition caused by a burn of the cornea. It is very easy to get photokeratitis if you stay near water or snow in bright sunlight not without sunglasses. You need to approach the question responsibly and choose sunglasses that block at least 99% of UV rays.


    • What color to choose?

    Nowadays sunglasses market can offer you a great variety of tints for sunglasses. Your choice will depend on your style and purpose you wear them. Everyday casual glasses can be in green, grey or brown colors. These tints are known to minimize color distortion. Grey is the most neutral color. In such sunglasses you will be able to perceive colors in their natural shades. Brown and green lenses tend to increase contrast. Red lenses lead to significant color distortions, but are good in low light. Orange and yellow lenses have excellent contrast enhancement and depth perception. This is the reason why such glasses are widely used by drivers, golf players and riflemen. Sunglasses with lenses of blue and purple colors don’t provide any benefits and are mainly worn as a tribute to fashion.


    • The best protection

    It you want to protect your eyes from UV- radiation the best option is to choose sunglasses with polarized lenses. They reduce glare reflected off shiny surfaces such as water or snow. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are must-have for snowboarding and skiing, or lying on a beach.

    Polarization Diagram is supported by

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  4. How to Choose the Case for Glasses?

    How to Choose the Case for Glasses?

    We protect our eyes by glasses. But what does protect our glasses? Of course, a good case does.

    You should use the case for any type of glasses. Because it’s so sad to see the slightest scratch on the perfect retro-reflective or anti-reflective coating of your eyewear frames!

    In the today world the function of the cases is not confined by the protection from the damages and scratches. The spectacle case is a stylish fashion accessory, as well, which could make your way of perfection. You can spend a lot of time choosing your best case among a huge variety of beautiful patterns, color palettes and high quality materials.

    How to choose the case for glasses?

    It is important to understand that you can not use the same case for several pairs of glasses, only if the case is designed for this purpose by the manufacturer. Even at home, glasses should always be stored in the case, to protect them from dirty, dust and household damage. Also you can store your glasses in a soft textile or leather case if you leave them at home. But we strongly recommend to use the semi-rigid and rigid cases to protect not only the lens.

    Preferably, of course, to choose the cases fitted to your style. Business people will approach the restrained tones and the firm textures, such as leather and metal elements. For the free day casual suits you can choose plastic and wooden cases, or textile covered. If you’re going to the party, you should pay attention to cases with decorative elements, different colors, sequins, stylish finishes, and echoes with your dress.
    Performing a protective function the stylish case have become an indispensable part in everyday life, in which you can show your individuality and emphasize your unique style.

    How to Choose the Case for Glasses?
    Thank you, Tonia, for your great blog! is supported by

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    Do you know what the feeling of heavy swollen eyes is in the early mornings? The cause could lay in crying, alcohol, surfeit of salt, bad sleeping and even make up products.

    We would like to recommend you some tips which could help you to reduce the evidence of irritated eyes.

    1. Start your day with water. Wash your face and drink a glass of water to hydrate yourself every morning.
    2. Remove any make before you go to sleep.
    3. Dip cotton balls into an cold ice bath, a warm decoction of chamomile or black tea. Apply to the eyes for five-10 minutes.
    4. Dunk cucumber or potato slices in an ice bath, and place over the eyes for 10 minutes. The natural ingredients reduce swelling of the skin around the eyes.
    5. Store the cream for your eyes in the fridge and spread it on and under the lids with the tip of your ring finger.

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    Glasses have always been in vogue. This trendy accessory accompanies people throughout the year. Several years ago one chose spectacles only when hot summer days were in the air. Today those who have a vocation for fashion dare to wear glasses even in combination with warm fur clothes. And today we give several pieces of advice for girls with round shape of the face.

    The first important thing is to find out the price limit. Many feel disappointed when they have to spend all their savings on the model they like. With the help of the Internet it’s easy to get acquainted beforehand with the models you like and to find something at a reasonable price.

    The main rule for girls who have a round face is that the upper part of the glasses should coincide with the line of eyebrows. That will help to hide your charming plump cheeks and to change your face for the better.

    The frame can’t be round. Otherwise you’ll accentuate roundedness of your face. Accurate geometrical lines are needed for you to look gorgeous. For example, rectangular streamlined lenses will suit you best. It will make soft contours of your face visually more accurate.

    Dark glasses with a plastic frame also look great. It’s a perfect match. Don’t be afraid of making an experiment with different shapes. You may try on different pairs of glasses that will finally be perfect for you.

    To sum everything up, for a round face the following types of glasses will be a match:

    1. Light and bright models with a plastic frame;

    2. Glasses with a geometrical shape;

    You must avoid:

    1. Round glasses

    2. Aviator models

    Round shape demands a lot of efforts in finding spectacles that look nice. Don’t search for models that will merge with your face. You are very beautiful and there is a wide range of models that help you to look more elegant. Be wise in your choice in order to be perfection. is supported by

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    The very time an ophthalmologist prescribes you wearing glasses or when long cold winter days are over and the sun is going to brighten each moment of your life, the choice of glasses starts to interfere with your mind. Everybody wants his glasses to look smart. Besides, a comfort is needed because wearing them demands a lot of time. The glasses should not influence your life adding some disadvantages. The spectacles may also create some complexes if they had been chosen inappropriately. The most successful choice will be made if the glasses are invisible on the face because they merge with your traits and multiply your strong sides. So the right frame is of great importance.

    The specialists prove long ago that frames can shape your face. Your task is to make all the changes positive. Even the smallest detail, e.g. metal bridge that connects 2 lenses, can play an important role in creation of the whole image. That’s why you should take into account all the smallest parts.

    The 1st and the most important rule is that the frame should contrast the shape of your face. And there are some specific features that a triangle face possesses.

    The face is narrow at the top and wide at the cheeks level and it’s getting wider in the direction to the chin. This shape is very widespread. The face needs proportion that can be reached with the help of half rimmed frames without the lower part. The glasses with wide bows are also welcomed. The unusual decorative elements on the top of a frame will also suit you. And the famous butterfly glasses were also designed especially for your traits.

    Among the celebrities with the same face shape we find Natalie Portman, Audrey Tautou, Emma Watson and Mila Kunis. All of them have a wide forehead, distinct cheek-bones and a bit smoothen lower jaws with a sharp chin. These fashion icons are not afraid of glass experimenting but they always follow stylists’ pieces of advice in order to make the proportions of their faces more regular and to correct certain disadvantages.
    Triangle shape of a face allows a lot of variations concerning glasses. You are lucky to be capable of wearing butterfly glasses that sell like hot cakes this season and are unlikely to become less popular. Such glasses were represented at different fashion collections of the top brands. Anna Sui, Giles, Tory Burch and Fashion East are among the very many of those who added a bit of fantasy into this model of glasses.
    Those who have a triangle face shape are lucky because their face is very pretty and cute. Try to find the sunglasses that suit you and breathe with the freshness of your beauty. is supported by

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  8. How to Wear Contact Lenses?


    Do not forget to wipe your hands – use this lint-free cloth that is left in the hands of its particles. Otherwise, one of these particles can get under the lens, which eventually will become the cause irritation for your eyes.

    When a person asks how to put the lens properly on, it often wonders where it is better to do it? You can do it on any clean, smooth surface and natural in front of the mirror. If you drop the lens, it will be easy to find it. Also make sure that nobody can step on it, if you have pets it will be better take the off from the room.

    The best way to take the lens is using a finger, but not a nail, because you may damage the nail and the lens and the eye.

    When you take the lens on your finger, carefully look over it to ensure that it is free from damage and sufficiently moistened. Also pay attention – the lens may turn inside out. It is easy to see when you look at the edges – they should be facing up. Turned inside lenses like a plate of glass and the edges look to the side.

    How to wear a lens with the help of two hands. Also, place the lens on your fingertip. Pull the lower lid with the middle finger, with the other hand pull the upper eyelid. Then place the lens on the eyeball and rein look to the lens into place. Now safely omit two centuries.

    That’s it, now you can wear contact lenses safely. is supported by

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    The choice of frame is not an easy task. On the surface it looks pretty simple: you go to a store and grab anything you like. But in reality things are quite different.

    The selection of frames is a matter of personal choice. But it’s better to take the decision wisely and to spend more time and efforts on this choice and make the frame pleasant not only for you, but pleasing everybody’s eyes as well. Keep in mind that glasses are the first thing others notice when they see you. The wrong frame can spoil the whole impression. But good frame has quite the opposite effect: it adds special charm, makes the person look more glamorous and helps to stand out in a crowd. The glasses can mask some defects and get rid of undesirable attention. The choice of frames nowadays allows for finding something very special that will suit you personally.

    The outlook of the frame is not the only thing that should be taken into account. A good frame should be of high quality, secure and safe for health. Also it should suit facial type, hair color, body build, your profession and occupation, individual style in clothes and the thickness of lenses you had been prescribed. But the most important thing is the correlation of the distance between the centers of pupils. Only ophthalmologist can take the correct measurement. If not chosen properly, the glasses can foster the damage of your vision.

    Don’t try to save money on the glasses, because this device is in connection with your health. Look for reliable brands and models at tried-and-true sources.

    After the choice of a model you like the glasses need examining. The frame should be smooth, without any scratches or other deformations. Both the sides should be located at the same plane on the one straight line. Try the glasses on. The upper part of them should be parallel to the line of brows. You may consider the frame being comfortable if it doesn’t push on the bridge of the nose and it doesn’t fall from it. The frame shouldn’t seem heavy, it must sit perfectly on the temples and ears and doesn’t move when you turn your head or nod. After such a procedure the question of aestheticism can start to be solved. There are numerous fashion tips that will provide you with precious knowledge on how to choose a frame that will become the part of your superb image. is supported by

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    Makeup is used to make women look attractive. There are a lot of pallets of colors, different styles, and ways because there are billions of women, which are looking for rather unlike. Each has their own individual look and appearance that separates them from everyone else, and even if they can prefer the same makeup, they may wear it in another way. Though there are rules which everyone who does makeup should know to avoid any microbes and harm.

    Don’t share makeup to prevent makeup infections

    Sharing beauty products between friends does not look like a wrong deal. Women do it all the time, you leave your eye liner at home, you borrow your close friend’s and the issue is solve, but it is a chance of contracting a bacteria, or infection, for example pink eye, is finest in makeup products that connect your eyes.

    If you already have an infection, don’t use your makeup

    For those who have infection and also you put make up making use of your finger or perhaps a brush, after which dip that brush or perhaps your finger, the bacteria can get inside your makeup.

    Keep the beauty products from the sun and from the warmth

    Always store your makeup somewhere where is room temperature. Don’t leave your makeup sitting outdoors, and when you need to do, stop utilizing it. The reason behind this really is that warmth can get rid of the chemical preservatives which are inside your makeup. These chemical preservatives keep your bacteria from developing inside your makeup, which will keep you safe, which means you need them. Putting your makeup inside your suitcase and such things as that needs to be completely fine, just don’t place your makeup at the front of the window or something like that like this. is supported by

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    The art of a make-up is a difficult one. Sometimes women pay attention to the eye shape, in other cases they take into account the outfit and hair color. But even the color of the eyes may influence the choice of make-up kit. And today the right color combinations for different eye shades are on top of the agenda.

    Look for a chromatic or spectrum circle on the Internet that is very simple to use. Guided by its advice, one may enjoy a craft of perfect make-up. The contrasting colors complete each other perfectly. E.g. if you put on a yellow jacket, violet eye shadows will go well with it.

    There exist some other basic rules too. Light eyes look scary in combination with black shadows. And vice versa, dark eyes seem pale and dull when accompanied by light colors.

    The most universal color is grey. Besides, there is a wide scope of different shades of this color that help each girl to find something to her taste. The combination of grey shadows with black mascara will be suitable for everyone. It adds expression and passion to your look. Even the shade of eyes can be changed with the help of such make-up.

    The principles recommended by make-up artists are as follows:

    1. Very light, almost white eye shadows should be put under the brows. Shade them in order to eliminate the boundaries.

    2. The upper lead should be marked by the eye shadows of the same color that you have near the pupil. This color is also used as a highlighter.

    3. The darker eye shadows are put closer to the outward part of the lead.

    4. The usage of black mascara is a must.

    Keep in mind that dark shades make the eyes look smaller while the light ones seem to open the eyes. Tanned women look better with dark eye shadows on because these colors look unnaturally on the dark skin.

    Blue eyed girls should use silvery shades or stick to contrasting black and white spectrum. Also warm brown and copper will suit you.

    Brown eyes demand the coincidence of make-up with an outfit you wear. Only girls with dark eyes are allowed to do that. Pastel shades with beige eye shadows are also in favor. Pink and blue should combine with shadows and blushes. And bright clothes should be accompanied by intensive make-up. But try not to make it vulgar.

    Light eyes do not allow bright make-up. Use natural colors. In order not to look pale, accentuate eye brows and lashes. Brown mascara will be great.

    Green eyes are marked by the usage of beige, grey and platinum eye shadows that contribute to the natural beauty of the eyes. Violet and blue colors are prohibited. Instead, one may choose brown, orange or golden shades. The mascara can be either black or dark brown.

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  12. Eye Traumas

    Eye Traumas

    Eye bulb is very fragile and easy to damage. Unfortunately in some serious cases doctors won’t manage to save it and to preserve the vision. Medical researches show that the majority of eye incidents happen at work due to the breaking of job safety rules.

    The first place in the general statistics on eye traumas is kept by damages with the help of foreign objects. These traumas injure mucous membrane, retina and eyelids. Pain, colic, the feeling of sand in the eye, ample lacrimation are the main symptoms. A sick person may start to scratch his eye that leads to further damages and increases the risk of infection.

    The medical assistance in such cases includes the removal of the foreign object. The treatment is very simple and fast with recuperation period lasting less than a week. But in case of complications, the treatment may take longer than planned.

    Another type of wounds includes damages caused by a branch of a tree or some other sharp object. In average the treatment lasts for 5 – 10 days. Eye bulb can be sutured up. A wide scope of medicines is also applied: antibiotics, sanitizing drops, chloride are among them. The patient will be under everyday observation of an ophthalmologist.

    The most hazardous are wounds with sharp objects penetrating in the eye. These may be stones or splinters (wooden, glass, metal, plastic) and so on. An urgent hospitalization is obligatory in cases of penetrating wounds. The eye will be X-rayed and the foreign object will be removed. Tetanus antitoxin will be injected in order to avoid complications. All the following treatment is very individual. These traumas cause a lot of complications. The removal of an eye bulb is the worst of them. Only peoples’ attention and carefulness can help to avoid such traumas.
    The second place is kept by blunt injuries with the apparent good condition and no damages seen. But nevertheless a consultation of a specialist is needed in order to avoid such complications as strabismus, astigmatism and cataract.

    And the third place belongs to the burns. They can be chemical, thermal and radiation. Only a specialist can treat them properly.
    Anyone can be hurt and will have to fight the consequences. But security is a personal matter. Don’t break safety rules and follow the instructions in order not to damage the vision. And parents should take very special care of children, explain them safety rules and monitor their behavior. is supported by

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    Pregnancy is a hard burden for woman’s body. In this period the diseases start to attack aggressively the body of a future mother. Sometimes this period is accompanied by the problems with eye sight. This phenomenon has its own special name, it is called retinopathy. This impairment occurs after the fourth month of pregnancy and is a special characteristic of women with kidney condition and high arterial pressure.

    The sick women complain of sharp visual impairment. The consultation of a specialist is a must. There are some cases when in order to avoid blindness an urgent abortion is needed. Retinal detachment caused by short seeing or the presence of a thrombus may lead to such unwilling consequences. But such cases are rare and if noticed in time, the disease will be tackled. That’s why medical examinations should be regular.

    There are also some varieties of toxicosis during the period of pregnancy. They are divided into earlier and later according to the term. The later one includes such problem as eclampsy. It’s not as widespread as nausea during the first 5-7 weeks of pregnancy, but is very unpleasant and troublesome both for the doctors and future mommies. The symptoms of eclampsy are convulsions, faints and some others. It is accompanied by full loss of vision during the seizures. And that what scares the majority of women most of all. Within several minutes the ability to see gets back and temporary blindness won’t have damaging effects in the future. After giving birth to the baby the disease won’t be back.

    When pregnant, a woman suffers from hormonal boom that changes the functioning of the whole system. And after the delivery the consequences may reappear. One of them is thyrotoxicosis. The production of hormones rises and leads to the malfunctioning of the eyes. Exophthalmos is one of the symptoms. Sometimes upper lid can’t hide the eye to a full extend. The eyes become dry and easily infected. Besides, the visual abilities got worsen as well.

    All the diseases in this period can be combated successful so you shouldn’t be afraid of them. Take care of your health in this period and consult a doctor as soon as you’ve noticed some unusual changes. Follow all the prescribed recommendations and don’t forget to stick to a regime. Healthy life-style and positive thinking are two main components on the way of giving birth to a brand new life. is supported by

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    Each person takes everyday care for himself or herself. We developed a habit to pay certain amount of attention to our body, skin and teeth. And it is the eyes that can’t get a portion of everyday care. And as a result even those who didn’t have any eye problems may notice the worsening of their vision. It’s a sad statistics, but more than a half of world’s population has a poor eye sight. And the situation is worsening every day. The humankind demands the creation of more powerful lenses. But there’s another way of problem solving. In the ancient times Tibetan monks put special plates with small holes in them on their eyes. They did this for relaxation and to avoid snow blindness. The best recreation for eyes is considered to be glasses with non-transparent plates and holes in them. This method was invented in Russia.

    vThe secret of the glasses is very simple. The holes form narrow parallel rays that do not demand efforts from the part of an eye muscle and the image on the retina becomes sharper. The glasses were worked out at the best St. Petersburg Academies with the usage of computer modeling. They cater for those who have poor eye sight because they help to improve your visual abilities. Also they are good for those who see well enough and want to preserve this ability for as long as possible.

    The glasses are recommended for:

    • Those who have myopia, short seeing, astigmatism, strabismus;
    • The people of all ages;
    • School pupils, students, PC users, TV and computer game fans;
    • Need replacement of sunglasses;

    The principle of training glasses is as follows:

    1. Small holes in the glasses let to enlarge the penetration. That’s why the image gets into the zone of the most intense of retina.
    2. They promote psychological relief.

    Use the glasses for 30 minutes a day. You can read, write, watch TV, or work on a computer with them on. But make sure the light is good in the room. Avoid watching into the same spot. Make an eye move, try to observe different objects. Switch the direction of looking from distant to the closer objects.

    Students, pupils and PC workers should put the glasses on every 5-7 minutes after each hour of work on a computer.

    But do not try to wear them for more than 2 hours a day.

    The price is favourable and if you’re ready to try a new additional method of an eye-correction you may use these glasses. But do not forget to consult an ophthalmologist and remember the main course of treatment.

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  15. Which Eye Color Will Your Baby Have?


    Researching of eye color is a very captivating topic. For many centuries scientists tried to gather all the necessary information and find out the nature of coloring. Nowadays we know that eye color is a hereditary thing. When you are eager to make a forecast concerning the eye color of a baby born, you can know for sure, the color will be blue. Almost in 100% cases each human being is born with this eye color that gets darker with time because of the influence of the sunlight. At the age of 3 or 4 a child’s eye color becomes permanent. And today we distinguish different shades all of which are unique.

    There is a simple scheme that shows the chances of a certain color to dominate:

    Brown + Brown = Brown 75%, Green 18, 75%, Blue 6, 25%
    Green + Brown = Brown 50%, Green 37, 5%, Blue 12, 5%
    Blue + Brown = Brown 50%, Green 0%, Blue 50%
    Green + Green = Brown <1%, Green 75%, Blue 25%
    Green + Blue = Brown 0%, Green 50%, Blue 50%
    Blue + Blue = Brown 0%, Green 1%, Blue 99%

    In order to understand this trick you should understand the mechanism of inheritance.

    It’s a common opinion that eye color is inherited according to the Mendel’s law: dark colored genes are dominating. The same is applied towards hair color. Dark haired parents are likely to have a child with hair of the same color; and in families where hair color of parents differs from each other, the baby will have medium colored hair. But of course, there are exceptions.

    It doesn’t really matter which eye color your baby will have. All the eyes in the world are beautiful. And with the existence of so many tone variations, you are unlikely to find someone with exactly the same color. Eyes reflect our personality, inner warmth and kindness. And to show that all colors are precious, we suggest several interesting facts:

    The most widespread eye color in the world is brown. The rarest one is green. Less than 2% of world’s population has eyes of this color. The biggest number of green eyed people lives in Turkey (20% of all the population). And there are some countries in Asia, South America and the Middle East where there are no people with these eyes at all.
    For those who live in the Caucasus, blue color of eyes is considered to be the norm. Also they may have hazel, brown, grey and green eyes. Also more than 80% of Icelanders have either blue or green eye color.

    And a few words about a rare phenomenon called heterocromia that results in that a person has different colors of eyes. Mila Kunis and David Bowie are representatives of such people. But Bowie’s eye color is the result of football trauma he got at his childhood.

    So, one thing you can be sure is that your child’s eyes will be the most beautiful in the world. Make him happy and you’ll see the sense of existence reflected in his smiling eyes.

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    Nowadays the industry of vision correction suggests the usage of more than 20 methods of treatment. Ophthalmologists agreed on that laser correction is one of the safest and effective methods of combating eye problems. During the laser correction cornea undergoes the process of deformation and the images begin to focus on the retina. The procedure is very simple and caters for almost everyone. Nevertheless, there exist some restrictions. That’s why each patient should have the full examination before the operation.
    There are many advantages of the laser correction. They are as follows:
    1. Safety
    The 1st operation was held in 1985 and even at that time it proved to be efficient. Now the doctors became more experienced and the new technologies started to be applied. A great number of patients have restored their vision and it’s a marker of a positive result.
    2. Wide spectrum of appliance
    If there are no contra-indications, laser correction eliminates myopia (up to -15, 0 D), hyperopia (up to +6, 0 D), astigmatism (up to ±3, 0 D). The perfect age of a patient ranges from 18 to 45.
    3. The quickness
    Laser correction lasts from 10 to 15 minutes; laser affects an eye for 30-40 seconds.
    4. The procedure is painless
    Local anesthesia caters for the patients of all ages and precludes any pain. The good result is achieved at minimum risk of complications in recuperation period.
    5. The procedure is held at outpatients’ department
    You don’t have to go to hospital; laser correction takes only 1 day.
    6. Short recuperation period
    The patient starts to see better as soon as the operation is finished; and the final result is achieved in a week.
    7. The predictions of the result
    After the check-up the doctor can make a forecast concerning the results of the operation.
    But there are certain groups of people who cannot correct their vision with the help of laser technology. Among them are:
    1. Pregnant women and those who are still in nursing period;
    2. Diabetes;
    3. Cataract;
    4. Glaucoma;
    5. Iridocyclitis;
    6. Myopia in progress;
    7. Patients with retinal detachment having been operated previously;
    8. Dystrophy of cornea;
    9. Changes of eye grounds;
    10. Inflammation of visual system;
    11. Common diseases
    There have been millions of successful operations all over the world. The latest equipment, huge experience and constant improvement of the method made it to be the safest and less likely to cause side-effects.

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  17. How to Adjust Glasses for a Child

    How to Adjust Glasses for a Child

     Lots of parents take a notice that their children have some problems with eyesight. Many of them start to panic and make serious mistakes. It’s wrong to follow other people’s advice or search on the Internet. Even at optician’s you may be misguided because of the usage of poor equipment. The 1st thing parents should do is to consult an ophthalmologist who can make a diagnostic at an early stage and to decide what caused the problem. The treatment will be more efficient at this period and will cause positive changes.

     After the examination the doctor may prescribe the treatment, one of the stages of which is wearing glasses. The glasses are recommended as an extra means because they create positive background for treatment and make a child feel comfortable. The right choice of spectacles at many cases influences rapid improvement of vision. But the full check-up is needed regardless the stage and progress of the disease. Each child is an individual and even 2 babies with the same diagnosis will be treated in a different way.

     Unfortunately, not all the specialists are capable of adjusting the right glasses. In order to do it properly, the full examination of the whole visual system should be carried out. It will help to match the suitable lenses. At first, an eye is examined with the help of refraction. Secondly, it’s examined when a pupil is narrowed. The procedure may last up to 2 days.

     In case when a child is younger than 7 years old, it’s difficult to understand whether the glasses fit him or not. Try to ask him questions like: “What do you see at a distance?”, “Can you see a dog at the end of a corner?” Besides, take a notice of the way the child examines the objects, whether he needs to stand close to them.

     There are many cases when the deterioration of eyesight happens all of a sudden. Then wearing spectacles may cause a psychological trauma. Parents should foster the habit of wearing them and to control their child, because when alone kids may take them off because of discomfort. If a child is very categorical about wearing spectacles try to use contact lenses if the ophthalmologist permits it.

     But you should take into an account the stage of the disease. If there’s no need to wear spectacles constantly, let the kid to put them on only when he looks into the distance. Besides of wearing glasses, a child may also need special procedures and home treatment. The ultimate step is a surgery, but there are few cases when a doctor applies it.

    &nbsp;You should visit an ophthalmologist once a year and if there are some problems the visits may pay visits more often. You should remember that wearing glasses is an important stage in child’s life. Tell him how much the spectacles suit him, how successfully they make him look mature and stylish. Keep in mind that beautiful design is a guarantee for children to wear eyeglasses permanently. is supported by

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  18. Myopia is the Disease of Youngest

    what is myopia

    Myopia or shortsightedness is an eye disease resulted in that the image of an object is focused not on retina but before it that leads to the blurring of the object situated at a distance. When look at the objects disposed nearby, such a problem does not occur: a shortsighted person can see close-located objects quite well, that’s where the name of the disease comes from.

    Myopia progresses due to the changes of size and shape of an eye-bulb. From the normal spherical form it becomes more extended and oval.

    The number of patients grows extremely rapidly. Pupils and students are at risk because of constant exercising of their vision.

    There are several major reasons that cause myopia:

    – The disease is inherited
    – Intensive visual stress
    – Mistreatment
    – Malfunction of blood circulation
    – Shortage of vitamins and microelements

    The basic symptom of nearsightedness is difficulties in seeing objects at a distance: they seem blurred and indistinct. A person needs to narrow his eyes in order to see well. Other symptoms include hyper fatigability and headaches.

    To be diagnosed a person must consult an ophthalmologist. The full check-up includes measurement of visual acuity with, or without a correction and other special examinations like refraction test, retinal examination, slit-lamp exam and test of the muscles that move the eye.

    There are different stages of short seeing according to which a specialist can choose the right lenses for correction. Besides, the disease can progress when the power of lenses increases on more than one diopter per year. This situation may cause different complication and a surgical intervention is needed in most of the cases. is supported by

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  19. What is Glaucoma; How are at Risk?

    What is Glaucoma

     It’s necessary to take timely measures in order to detect and treat glaucoma. Otherwise a person suffering from this disease can become blind. The worst thing is that the process is irreversible. All the people over 40 should have their inter ocular pressure taken during the regular examination at an ophthalmologist. The treatment is specific in each particular case and may combine different methods under the observation of a professional.

     This disease is included in the group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve. The danger lies in the fact that the nerve transmits the visual information to the brain. And it’s caused by the increased pressure in the eye.

     Glaucoma can be divided into two groups, open-angle and closed-angle. Open-angle is considered to be more widespread.

    •  No one can explain where does it come from
    •  It develops slowly within a time
    •  The optic nerve is under the damage by pushing pressure
    •  The disease is inherited
    •  African Americans are at a highest risk
    •  A closed-angle variation develops very quickly when the aqueous humor fluid is blocked at a moment. A sick person feels quick, severe and sharp pain.

      • Angle-closed glaucoma is an emergency.
      • If this type of glaucoma occurred at one eye, the second may also be attacked.
      • Certain eye drops and medicines may cause an attack.

       The treatment includes the usage of eye drops, laser therapy (in case of inefficiency of medications) and a surgery (it’s painless, lasts for 40 minutes with recuperation period lasting from 1 to 3 weeks).

      There are certain groups of people who are at risk:

      •  People over 40
      •  Asians with dark color of skin, eyes and hair
      •  Those who have close relatives suffering from glaucoma
      •  Individual peculiarities of an eye structure
      •  Chronic mooneye
      •  The long-term usage of hormonal drugs
      •  Diabetes and hypertension
      •  Eye traumas
      •  Myopia

       Open-eyed glaucoma is incurable. But regular check-ups will help to prevent blindness. When you have an attack, an immediate medical treatment is a must to save the vision.

       To prevent the disease, consult your ophthalmologist and visit him for regular check-ups. Take care of your health in order to live long and happy life. is supported by

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  20. How to Identify Fake Chanel Sunglasses


     Trading good or not well copies of brand products is a lawful practice, but selling fakes that are proposed to victim customers into cheerful thinking they are ordering the real thing, which is not. If you order your Chanel sunglasses through a Chanel store or an official seller, you also can not be totally sure that you’re buying a legitimate pair of specs. Look at your pair of glasses carefully.

     Compare the cost. Chanel eyewear cost about $200 – $500 per pair.

     Examine the overall excellence and design of the shades. They are luxury products. They really should not be hurt or flimsy, nor if the frames appear fragile.

     Look at the metallic logo on the temples. It should be two connected C’s. They shouldn’t be scraped, look too large or small.

     Have a glance on the left lens, near the external side. There should be a small, number of series that has two letters and 7 characters in it.

     There should be inside of the temples – size, length, color code and model no., where they are made in.
    At the top over the lenses should be printed «CHANEL».

     Authentic Chanel eyewear comes with a hard case and a cleaning pouch, also it has a certificate of authenticity. is supported by

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  21. Eyestrain: Another Consequence of Stress


    If you have headaches constantly, burning eyes , among other symptoms, you may be suffering from eyestrain, one of the main consequences of the modern life with stress.

    Feeling tired, blurred vision, itching, burning and headaches become the key symptoms in the face of increased air pollution and the constant use of computers. This picture points to the diagnosis of eye fatigue.

    According to ophthalmologist research a computer screen is displayed behind a reflective surface. It’s not easy to keep your eyes fixed on the display , which requires to a constant effort to focus between near and middle vision. The environment in which the activity is performed can also have a negative influence on visual comfort. The level and quantity of ambient illumination, ventilation, dust and cigarette smoke are other not good factors for the health.

    Striving to recover the visual quality of those who are not getting away from the computer, already exists in the market, some solutions to alleviate the discomfort. But before pursuing these alternatives, it is important to go through a consultation with your ophthalmologist. is supported by

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  22. Eye shape and personality

    Everybody of us hears such well-known fact as that the eyes can say about their owner lots of uncommon things. There is a great variety of diverse information about eyes colors. But have you ever heard about certain connection between shape of your eyes and your character? We found out what professional face analyzers say about the structure and form of your eyes and the qualities these mirror. Learn more about your eye shape personality if you are fascinated by the modern science of face reading.

    1. Close-set eyes
    Those who have close-set eyes are often considered confident and rather independent. They often might seem selfish and stubborn, because relying on somebody’s help is not for them. However their personality is in fact dominated by self-asuredness. Their best qualities are their versatile personality as well as ability to cope with stress.


    2. Wide-set eyes
    The owners of such type of eyes are concentrating not on details, but on the whole image of the world. They seems to be philosophers. Wide-set eyes signal a more wider perspective and open attitude towards various things in life. Art and other philosophical, social and psychological domains and subjects are no unfamiliar things for them.


    3.Bulging eyes
    The fragile eyelids that mask the bug eyes are all trademark characteristics of a similar glimpse. These individuals are eager to get familiarized with brand new things craving also for the encounter with interesting people. Friends are extremely important for them as well as the relationship with their working or school colleagues.


    4.Upward turning cat eyes
    Competitive people. They always know what they want and know how to achieve it. Confidence is one of their most prominent traits and therefore they might seem a bit selfish. However optimism is also one of their strengths, therefore it is not difficult for them to build new relationships with others and keep them strong and harmonious. Using their personal charm they often appeal to their physical traits to win the heart of others.

    upward_turning_cat_eyes is supported by

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  23. special_sunglasses_for_medicine_purposes

    A person always wants to be able to read people’s feelings and emotions. The greatest wish of everybody to see someone’s thoughts and ideas. It is so captivating! Just imagine, you can see what those attractive guy thinks at the given moment.
    Nowadays you are capable to do this in some rate.

    The scientists invented 2AI Lab’s special glasses, fitted with lenses that can read different emotions. These glasses pick up on emotional indicators that the naked eye cannot see. It senses oxidization in your hemoglobin just under your skin, which is why we can sense certain emotions. For example, when we see someone’s cheeks go pink, it’s the oxygen levels changing and we associate pink cheeks with embarrassment.

    However these glasses aren’t for exposing your friends or trying to tell how your girlfriend is feeling, they are being trialed at two hospitals to see how helpful they can be for doctors. They’re great for medical assessment as they use three different filters allowing doctors to detect a variety of problems.

    What the doctor can see through these glasses?

    The first filter means the glasses can see where trauma has been dealt – since hemoglobin changes color when trauma has occurred.

    Another can detect where your veins are, making those moments when a nurse stabs you in the wrong part of your arm. Apparently this is because veins glow when looked at with these glasses.

    Lastly, the glasses can be used for a general assessment to see how the patient is feeling during initial check ups. For example, when the blood looks more green-blue it means hemoglobin concentration is high, but hemoglobin oxygenation is low, suggesting the patient is sick and/or cold.

    This invention could save hospitals some serious expenses on tests. If the glasses are as good as they say at detecting trauma and sickness, doctors wouldn’t need to spend time and money using other machines to scan patients. It’s a much faster method too, meaning patients could get treated more quickly. is supported by

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  24. What do you know about lutein?


    Lutein is one of two carotenoids found in the retina and macula of the human eye. Carotenoids are yellow, red, orange, and purple pigments found in most living things. It is thought that lutein acts as an antioxidant and a filter for blue light, helping to protect the eye tissues from sun damage.
    Lutein is synthesized only by plants and is found in high quantities in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale.

    Some research studies have suggested that lutein may be effective for some uses, such as improving certain symptoms of macular degeneration and improving the appearance of wrinkles.

    People usually associate lutein with benefits for the eyes, and some of the major “eye vitamin” products available contain it. Many multivitamins also now contain a low dose of lutein, although it is thought that this amount is probably too low to truly be beneficial.

    It is important to understand that many of the claimed lutein benefits were found in studies that looked at a high intake of lutein through the diet, not through supplementation. Supplementation might not be as effective as increasing lutein intake through the diet by eating more fruits and vegetables.

    Can Children Use It?


    Lutein is not a common ingredient in children’s multivitamins. Because most of the common uses for it are associated with the elderly, there has been little interest in using lutein supplements for children.

    Research has suggested a minimum of 6-10 mg per day of lutein is necessary to realize lutein’s health benefits. One such benefit is lutein’s role in eye health, specifically its role in reducing the risk of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). is supported by

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